Get to know: Hannah & Rio

Get to know: Hannah & Rio

Lucy & Sam Team

If you love colour, you’ll love Hannah’s colourful world! Her instagram feed is full of vibrant hues and vivid patterns, sharing her rainbow-filled life with son Rio. Read on to get to know them a little better...

Tell us a little bit about your account, what inspires you to create content?

I have been a colour addict for as long as I can remember. During lockdown I especially loved it to increase my mood. It makes me happy and I hoped it'd make other people happy too. I also love twinning for exactly the same reason, it makes me smile and that's the positivity I like to have around me and Rio.

How would you describe your little one?

We find him hilarious, cheeky and a little smiler.

What do you like about Lucy & Sam?

I’m a super fan of all the colour, and the animal prints too. Rio has a colourful safari room so we love all things that go hand in hand with that.

Sustainability is important to us, what choices do you make in your daily routine to live a planet-friendly lifestyle?

It’s an area that we could, of course, always improve on. I try to recycle, reduce using unnecessary packaging, and only buy items that I really love.

Nominate an account on Instagram that you love to follow, and think other's should too!

Liddie Rowl 

Do you have any goals for 2022?

Yes, to spread more happiness and positivity.

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