5 Easy Eco-Friendly Swaps For Plastic-Free July

5 Easy Eco-Friendly Swaps For Plastic-Free July

Lucy & Sam Team

Plastic-free July is a month long global movement to encourage millions of people to come together to put an end plastic pollution. The idea started in Australia in 2010 and has since helped over 250 million people to take part and change their plastic habits for good.

Single-use plastics are a huge problem, and we all want cleaner streets, oceans and communities, but it can be overwhelming and tricky to know where to start. So, to kickstart the challenge we've gathered five easy plastic-free alternatives to help you start making swaps today.

1. Ditch the plastic shopping bags

There are so many alternatives to plastic bags out there. From string market shoppers to extra large cotton tote bags, swapping the plastic bags at the supermarket for something durable and earth-friendly is a great place to start. 

Top tip: Remembering to take a tote or two to the shops can be tricky, we suggest leaving a few in the boot of your car, or hanging them up near where you keep your house keys. 

2. Invest in plastic-free sippy cups

It's time to say goodbye to the plastic bottles and welcome a bamboo alternative. We love these sippy cups from Eco Rascals, not only are they 100% plastic free, the bamboo is farmed using sustainable methods without the use of pesticides. 

Top tip: Once you're little one no longer needs the sippy feeder just remove the lid and keep using as a regular cup.

Plastic free sippy cup3. Give reusable nappies a go

There's a huge amount of plastic in conventional nappies which is why we think cloth is the way to go! According to WRAP, cloth nappies are 40% less harmful to the environment than disposables and they can be used over and over.

Kit and Kin make some super cute designs and are made from sustainable and plant-based materials too. 

Top tip: We've designed all of our organic cotton bodies and baby styles to be roomy enough for little ones to wear a cloth nappy underneath. 

eco-friendly cloth nappies4. Make a wash swap

Did you know that the UK throws away 520 million bottles of shampoo every year? That's a massive amount of plastic.

Fortunately there is an easy (and wonderful smelling) swap to be made to reduce this waste. Enter shampoo bars: they're plastic-free, biodegradable and arrive in recyclable packaging.

Top tip: We've tried and tested the coconut bar from Faith in Nature and absolutely love it!

plastic free shampoo faith in nature5. Say hello to plastic-free periods

Whatever your preference, there's a plastic-free swap to be made when it comes to period products. We think DAME has some excellent options. From organic cotton tampons with reusable applicators, to reusable pads, there's something for all periods.

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