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    The Planet Project illustration

    Ethical and sustainability issues have never been as pressing as they are today. We've reached a point where the *300,000 tons of fashion waste that go into landfills, can no longer be ignored. This is what led us to creating a brand that parents, babies and the planet LOVE! 


    Everything we do at Lucy & Sam, is centred around a love for the animals and their environment. We start our process by choosing an endangered or threatened animal and then we set about creating an adorable print to bring awareness to them. We have at least one range a year that has a percentage profits going towards protecting animals or helping their environment - which you can read more about here...

    Long-Lasting Design

    We believe the key to sustainable fashion is creating clothing that lasts, so we ensure that all designs & styles are practical and timeless. We want our designs to look amazing today and in 10 years time when they have been passed down to the next generation. 

    Ethically and sustainably sourced

    After that, we find the best factories in Portugal or India to produce our designs. We only work with factories that meet they highest industry standards; measuring everything from the use of solar energy, the use of chemicals and dyes to the satisfaction and welfare of all the wonderful people putting your garments together. 

    100% organic cotton 

    We have been organic since birth, as this has historically been the best way to produce quality products that are long-lasting with the softest feel.  

    Recycled Materials

    As technology has advanced we have now started to incorporate recycled materials, which include recycled plastics and polyester fabrics.

    Plastic-free forever bag

    And of course, everything is delivered to your door in our PLASTIC-FREE Forever bags and our recycled paper packaging and tags!

    Thank you for supporting our vision!

    Lucy & Sam


    *sources: wrap.org.co.uk