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Organic and Original, Unique and Unisex

These are the four key points we always strive to work towards with the direction of our brand. We believe in high quality cotton garments that are made to last and can be reused as much as possible by constantly growing little people, no matter the gender. Buy well and buy less is a sustainable choice that we support by using 100% organic cotton in everything we make. It increases the life cycle of each garment, as well as encouraging pre-loved clothes to be shared and passed on in our LS Forever Bags. 



Every unisex collection we launch is inspired by original ideas that create themes, colour palettes and prints you won't find anywhere else, all coordinated together in our unique styles. 



If you want to be sure that what you're buying is grown in a truly sustainable way, certified organic cotton is one of the best options. Organic is the only system which eliminates toxic substances from the environment and instead works holistically, for the long-term benefit of people who work with it, and the planet.

Everything that we create is made with the softest organic cotton. As well as being more sustainable, it's also proven to be better for sensitive skin and conditions such as Eczema as it's free from unwelcome chemicals and pesticides. 

The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is the most important ecological label for textiles in the world. It's tested for the presence of the toxic substances such as AZO dyes. At Lucy and Sam, we use only natural dyes in our garments which means that no harmful AZO dyes are used, meaning our processes do not contribute to global water pollution. 




We partner with the best factories in Portugal and India to produce our designs. We only work with factories that meet the highest ethical and sustainable industry standards; measuring everything from the use of solar energy, the use of chemicals and dyes to the satisfaction and welfare of all the wonderful people putting your garments together. 



From Tropical Frogs to Fugu’s, Paper Planes to Pixels, all our themes are born with a goal to be original, something a little bit different that you won't find anywhere else.


organic cotton quirky kids clothes


We like to weave playful ideas throughout our collections, like in our Where's Bear and Spot the Leopard styles. We're also keen to share sustainability stories too, which can be seen in our Bee Kind collection, celebrating the bee’s important story and how they are responsible for pollinating a third of the fruits and vegetables that we eat. Who knew that Broccoli's could fly!

Coming soon in 2021 is our Just Be You collection, a sustainable cotton story about the Chameleon who wanted to fit in with the crowd but realised that it’s always best to be yourself, encouraging individuality and equality in our little ones. 



We love nothing better than dropping fun new styles and shapes to each collection we curate. From Japanese inspired kimono’s to quilted honeycomb fabrics to retro 60’s three-panel dresses, we're proud to make unique and different styles for our little ones to express their individuality. 



Attention to detail is something we take great pride in. We add as many cute and quirky graphics to our styles as possible, using different techniques and textures to make our little items as fun and playful as possible for the little people that wear them. 



No gender labels here, which is why all of our ranges are made with Unisex themes, colours and styles that can be enjoyed by all little ones. We always say let kids be kids, and let clothes be clothes, which is why we don't include any gender tags on our website or products. This also helps with the garment life cycle as they can be handed down to little brothers or sisters! 



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