Get to know: Daniella & Mila-Rose

Get to know: Daniella & Mila-Rose

Lucy & Sam Team

Introducing our fifth and final brand ambassador pair, Daniella and Mila-Rose. This mummy and daughter duo have an Instagram feed full of sweet little outfits, styling tips and relatable parenting moments. Read on to get to know them! 

Tell us about your Instagram account and what inspires you to create?

My account is all about life as a mummy and of course my beautiful little Mila-Rose. I like to share experiences and things I love to my following, as well as advertise things myself and Mila-Rose truly think are great. I'm slowly building the confidence to speak more on my stories, and share that life with a toddler isn't perfect always! Being a parent is hard work but the most rewarding job in the world!

How would you describe your little one?

Mila-Rose is usually a very happy little girl who knows exactly what she wants. She is strong minded and eager to learn which I absolutely love as I am a teacher. She loves dancing and posing in front of the mirror. She brightens up my world with her crazy ways.

Tell us what you love about Lucy & Sam

I love that your clothing is so different and unique. You don't see brands with your style so I like the fact it stands out. It's also lovely that you care about the planet.

What choices do you make in your daily routine to live a planet-friendly lifestyle?

We are trying to cut out on eating so much meat, red meat in particular. We also recycle everything and make sure we use reusable cups for our coffees out. Small changes, yet every little helps. I want Mila-Rose to grow up with the same attitude.

Nominate an account on Instagram that you love to follow

I'd like to nominate my beautiful friend @mrsleahmiles who I met on instagram and have had many play dates with her little boy Jackson. I'd also like to nominate my home account run by hubby who has worked so hard to make our house a home @shawfeelslikehome


Do you have any goals for 2022? If so, what are they?

My goal for next year is to lose some weight and take up running again. I did so much of this before having Mila-Rose. I also want Mila-Rose to experience as much as possible and be out exploring new places.

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