The Amazing Abigail Grace

The Amazing Abigail Grace

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LS: Tell us about your family and your journey...

EM: Abigail is 5 years old and was born with Cerebral Palsy. My husband and I are very young parents, we had Abby when we were both 18 years old. For the first two years of Abby’s life, she was undiagnosed. We fought so hard to advocate for her until we finally landed in MWPH who listen to our concerns and provided all of the services for Abby that she had previously been denied. Once we did receive her diagnosis, it was both a heartbreak and a relief. At that moment we chose that we were going to encourage her to embrace her differences, rather than to just adapt to them. 

LS: What were some of the exceptional challenges (internal & external) you & the kids faced and overcame? How did you get through it?

EM: Every step of our life has been filled with challenges. The biggest challenge was initially advocating and learning how we could best meet Abby’s needs and give her the most independent life. 

LS: What makes the challenges all worthwhile?

He will encourage her, walk with her at her own pace, he even delivers her crutches to her. 

EM: Abby’s positivity and determination inspire us most. She is always smiling and laughing, no matter the circumstance. She never gives up when she is trying something that challenges her. She has never let CP hold her back from anything that she wants to do! Liam’s patience is so inspiring as well. For all of his life, he has been a big ball of energy but at the same time, he knows he needs to slow down and check on Abby. He will encourage her, walk with her at her own pace, he even delivers her crutches to her. 

LS: What do you want the future to be like for Abby? 

EM: For Abby, our goal for her is independence and confidence. We want her to be proud of herself for how far she has come. We want her to look at her abilities and not focus on her disability. 

LS: Being a #gamechanger means...

EM: Being a #gamechanger means showing others that just because you’re different, doesn’t mean you can’t be amazing! 

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