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    💚 Helping Our Heroes - We cannot even come close to helping as much as we would like to but would love to do whatever we can. The amazing job that our NHS and emergency service workers are doing, risking their lives on the front line to save others. Also the delivery drivers who are still bringing people what we need to our homes and the supermarket workers who continue to be working in these difficult and risky environments, you are keeping our country going and WE THANK YOU! If you work for the NHS, emergency services, courier company or Royal mail, any supermarket or any key worker industry then please let us know by sending a picture of your ID card via email to info@lucyandsam.com or on Facebook / Instagram. As our thank you to you we will offer you an extra 20% OFF any orders from our latest Bee Kind collection and for any orders from our SALE or OUTLET we will offer FREE delivery. All discounts can be processed via refunds OR if you contact us before you place you order we can send you a coupon code pre order

    Stay safe and take care
    Lucy & Sam Team 💚