4 Easy (And Sustainable) Halloween Costume Ideas

4 Easy (And Sustainable) Halloween Costume Ideas

Lucy & Sam Team

Every year, we spend a fortune on Halloween costumes for our little ones.

They're often worn just once then discarded, with 85% of costumes ending up in landfill. Scary stuff, right?

This year, why not consider investing in styles made to last to help make Halloween more sustainable?

Using goodies from Lucy and Sam, you could create an awesome Halloween costume that both your little one and the planet will love.

Not only are all our styles made from soft and sustainable organic cotton, but they also feature some amazing animal prints, making them ideal for Halloween.

And want to know the best part? Once Halloween is over, you don’t need to throw anything away.

Our styles are so versatile, they can be worn over and over again, seeing your little one through from autumn to winter and beyond.

Sound good? Explore our favourite costume ideas now!

1. Terrific Tiger

A cat costume for Halloween is a classic. But why not take it up a notch this year and dress your little one as their favourite big cat…the mighty tiger.

To create this look, we think our Tiger Hooded Romper from our brand new Just Be You collection would be perfect.

Made from 100% organic cotton, this one-piece features a beautiful tiger stripe print and adorable 3D ears, making it a super fun and easy halloween costume.

All that’s left to do now is get out the face paints...rawr.

For more tiger print styles, check out the full Just Be You collection here 🐯

2. Cheeky Cheetah

Continuing with the big cat theme, our next Halloween costume idea is a cheeky cheetah.

We have a mix of gorgeous cheetah print styles in our Just Be You collection that would work perfectly to bring this costume idea to life.

We particularly love this Cheetah Hooded Dress, available in ages 9-12 months to 5-6 years.

Pair with our Cheetah Leggings and our Yellow Cheetah Trapper Hat et voilà…your little one is halloween-ready!

3. Funky Frog

Does your little one love being completely different and unique? Then a funky frog outfit might just be the perfect Halloween costume for them.

For this, we recommend our super fun Red Frog Camo Pramsuit, available for just £24 in the Lucy and Sam sale.

For more froggy-inspired Halloween outfit ideas, explore the full Tropical Frogs collection here 🐸

4. Colourful Chameleon

Fancy dressing your little one as a colourful chameleon this Halloween?

We have just the outfit for that!

Suitable for babies and toddlers, our Petrol Chameleon Pramsuit would make a great Halloween costume, featuring eyes on the hood for that extra dash of fun.

It's also padded with detachable mittens and booties - perfect for keeping your little one toasty and warm while trick or treating!

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