Recycle Week: What To Do With Unwanted Baby Clothes

Recycle Week: What To Do With Unwanted Baby Clothes

Lucy & Sam Team

As parents, it’s natural to want to buy adorable little outfits for our newborn babies, but what should we do with them all once they have outgrown them?

With around 350,000 tonnes of clothing thrown away every year in the UK, the last thing we want is for our little one’s old clothes to end up in landfill, creating more waste for our planet.

That’s why it’s super important that we find ways to reuse them, recycle them and keep them in circularity.

Here’s our ideas on what you can do…

1. Join the Loop

 We’ve teamed up with SuperLooper to make it even easier to create a low-waste wardrobe for our little ones.

SuperLooper are a pre-loved clothing return service on a mission to keep clothing out of landfill, giving parents the chance to rent - rather than buy - and give outgrown items a new lease of life. 

Keeping clothes in circulation extends the lifecycle of a garment, gives clothing the chance to be loved and worn again whilst also helping parents to save money, storage space and time.

And, for every parcel of clothing you send you'll receive a voucher to spend on your next order with Lucy & Sam.

Download your free returns label here


2. Pass baby clothes along


Know someone who is pregnant or has recently had a baby? Help keep clothing in use by passing your little one’s outgrown outfits onto them.

And why not make use of our Lucy and Sam forever bags when passing clothes onto friends? They're 100% plastic-free and ideal for hand-me-downs, so fill them up and pass them on!


3. Sell online

Set up an account on Ebay or Gumtree and sell your unwanted baby clothes online. Not only will this give your little one's old clothing a second life, but you can make some money from it too. Win win!


4. Create a keepsake

Some things are just too precious to throw away, so why not save some baby clothes and turn them into a keepsake you can hold onto forever? 

If you’re a sewing machine whizz, you could use old baby clothing to make bunting or a patchwork quilt. Or, you could send your favourite pieces to Love Keep Create and have them made into a memory bear or keepsake cushion.


5. Donate

Put your unwanted baby clothes to better use by donating them to those in need. There are lots of registered charity shops across the UK that will accept used clothing, or you could donate to a local baby bank. Click here to find one near you.


6. Recycle

If the used baby clothes you have can’t be sold or donated, then the best thing you can do is pop them in a clothes and textiles recycling bin. This way they can be made into something new, and nothing goes to waste! To find your nearest recycling point for clothing and textiles, visit Recycle Now.


Got any other suggestions for what to do with unwanted baby clothes? Check out our latest instagram post and tell us your ideas in the comments. 

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