How To Care For Your Clothes And Make Them Last Longer

How To Care For Your Clothes And Make Them Last Longer

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Investing in clothes made to last is one thing, caring for them is another. The way we look after our garments impacts how well they age, and how long they will last. 

Not only does proper care save time and money, but it also reduces overconsumption and extends the lifecycle of our clothes so we can wear our favourite things for longer.

Read on to follow our care tips to make your outfits last as long as possible.

1. Wash less

Not as easy as it sounds, especially when it comes to kids clothes, but washing garments too often damages their fibres, and in turn, decreases their lifespan. 

Kids are messy, we get that. From grass stains to crayons, ketchup to mud, their clothes often end up in the washer after just one wear. But sometimes they may just need a little freshening up. Spot clean where possible, or hang them outside or in a steamy bathroom to restore their cleanliness and reduce odours.

2. Wash on low

When you must wash your clothes, washing at 30 is plenty for organic cotton. 

Low temperatures use less energy and are far gentler on the fabrics that make our clothes. 

There are exceptions to this rule, however. Items that are worn close to the skin, like underwear and bedding may need a wash at a higher temperature. 

3. Pay attention to care labels

Different materials have different requirements when it comes to washing. Be mindful of temperatures, detergent types and drying methods to avoid shrinkage or damage to the materials.

Since all of our items are made from organic cotton, hand or machine washing on low is the ideal way to keep them clean.

4. Use eco-laundry powders and detergents

What we use to wash our clothing has a big impact on their longevity. Using eco-washes is not only gentler on the clothing and better for delicate skin, many companies (such as Ecover) are B-Corp certified and use best practices to ensure their waste is as minimal as possible. 


5. Air dry 

This one can be tricky in the wetter months but drying clothes out on a line is the best option for keeping them in tip-top condition.

Not only do the clothes smell fresher, but air drying is also far better for the environment than tumble drying. Not only does tumble drying use more energy, it is also particularly damaging for natural fibres like 100% organic cotton and should be avoided where possible.

6. Avoid dry cleaning

Dry cleaning should be a last resort when it comes to cleaning our clothes. It is a highly chemical-intensive process that not only impacts the environment but can create issues for delicate skin too. 

In cases where dry cleaning is the only option, we advise searching for services that use eco methods like BLANC in London.

7. Store them properly

Correct storage of our clothes can help extend their lifespan. Keeping them in a cool, dry space will protect them from dampness, sun damage and heat. It’s important to make sure clothes are completely dry before putting them away, folding along the seams where possible to maintain the integrity of their shape.

When hanging clothes, be mindful of the hangers. Using padded hangers will avoid any snags or tears occurring, and will also prevent them from becoming misshapen too. 

8. Repair and re-wear

Noticed a hole, or a loose seam? Fix it as soon as you spot it. Repairing garments before the damage is too big will extend their lifespan - and save you time in the long run. 

Using lint rollers to de-bobble jumpers, and rehydrating leather items can give favourite items a new lease of life. Caring for, and repairing our clothes, keeps them out of landfill and in a wearable condition for longer. 

9. Alter the fit

Love that skirt but it’s no longer fitting? A little alteration can add a new lease of life to a garment. Not only does altering the fit extend the lifespan of our clothes, it’s far cheaper to do than buying a whole new wardrobe. 

10. Pass clothes along

Kids grow fast, something that fit last month is suddenly tight and ill-fitting. Before you throw it away, why not pass them along? Handing clothes down to family members or friends is a great way to prevent items from ending up in landfill, and is a great money saver too.

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