Get to know: Anna & Finn

Get to know: Anna & Finn

Lucy & Sam Team

Last year we searched every corner of Instagram for a handful of wonderful people to become Lucy & Sam brand ambassadors (AKA Lucy & Sambassadors) and now it's time to get to know them!

First up we have Anna and Finn, a lovely little family with a beautiful aesthetic who share moments of their life in Sweden over on their Instagram account @swedesathome.


Tell us a little bit about your account, what inspires you to create content?

Our account is basically just about Finn - but I’m trying to bring in more of our everyday life and soon there will be another little baby on it too! What inspires me to create content is if I see nice light or good weather and Finn of course! 

How would you describe your little one?

Kind, generous (if it’s not easy peelers😂) and smiles to everyone he meets!

Tell us what you love about Lucy & Sam

The fun prints and colours… But I do love that it’s so gender neutral and most of all that it is sustainable fashion!

Sustainability is super important to us, what choices do you make in your daily routine to live a planet-friendly lifestyle?

I shop more second hand than new, and when we do shop new we shop quality instead of quantity! We are 80% vegetarian in our household, and try to shop food after season and only organic.

Nominate an account on Instagram that you love to follow, and think other's should too!

I do really like the account @hannasanglar - it’s in Swedish, but it’s really nice and homey - her house is incredible! 

Do you have any goals for 2022? If so, what are they?

Yes, get Finn nappy free and to decide what I want to do after my maternity leave. 

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