6 Easy Organic Swaps for Babies and Toddlers

6 Easy Organic Swaps for Babies and Toddlers

Lucy & Sam Team

Organic September is well underway, a whole month celebrating all things organic, from food, to toiletries, to clothes and textiles.

Fancy getting involved, but don’t know where to start? Explore our list of easy organic swaps, and start supporting the organic movement today.


1. Organic Baby and Kids’ Shampoo

We all need shampoo for our little ones at bathtime. But why not say ‘bye bye’ to products with nasty chemicals and opt for something organic and natural?

At Green People, you can find a gorgeous selection of baby and kids’ shampoos that will leave your little one’s hair feeling soft, clean and healthy. 

Made with certified organic ingredients, these shampoos come in a range of delicious scents from lavender to berry smoothie to citrus crush. They also have a scent-free option for babies with sensitive skin.

organic shampoo 

2. Organic Children’s Chocolate

If you and your little one are chocolate lovers, making the switch from non-organic chocolate to organic chocolate can be a great way to support #OrganicSeptember this month. 

Not only is organic chocolate better for those who eat it, but it’s also better for the farmers who produce it, as it is grown without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides.

For toddlers and kids, we suggest trying a ToyChoc Box from the award winning, allergen free chocolate brand PLAYin CHOC. Made from just 3 organic ingredients (cocoa beans, coconut and vanilla), these chocolates are an ideal sweet treat for children, containing ⅓ less sugar than other leading chocolate brands.

They also come packaged in a beautifully designed box with an adorable 3D puzzle and fun facts card - think Kinder Surprise, but organic and plastic free!

organic kids chocolate 

3. Organic Toddler Snacks

As we all know, toddlers and kids love snacks. But why not swap their usual snack of choice for a scrumptious organic alternative? 

Brands like Organix are brilliant for organic snack food for kids, offering a range of delicious and nutritious snacks from Cheese and Herb Puffs to Banana Rice Cakes to Strawberry and Apple Soft Oaty Bars.

Free from any nasty artificial colours or flavours, they are sure to keep your little one happy next time they ask you for a snack (which could be any minute now!)


4. Organic Kidswear

Another brilliant way to support Organic September this month is by choosing organic cotton clothing for your kids.

Not only is organic cotton super soft and gentle on delicate young skin, but it is also much better for the environment than conventional cotton, reducing air pollution, water contamination and soil damage.

That’s why we are proud to say that, here at Lucy and Sam, all our baby and toddler clothes are made from sustainably and ethically sourced 100% organic cotton.

Explore our latest collection now and start your organic journey today!

 lucy and sam organic cotton dress

5. Organic Baby Skincare

Babies' skin is super delicate, and that’s why choosing the right skincare for them is so important.

To make sure what you are using is safe, non-irritating and toxin-free, consider using organic products.

There are lots of great organic skincare products for babies out there, but we particularly love this Organic Coconut Oil from Good Bubble

Paediatrician approved and allergen free, this delicious-smelling tub of 100% organic coconut oil can be used as a moisturiser, nappy balm or even a massage oil, keeping your little one’s skin soft, healthy and protected.

Top tip: Always carry out a patch test with any new product you are using to make sure it’s suitable for your little one’s skin. Click here to find out how.

coconut balm

6. Organic Kids’ Bedding

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for your little one (and for you too!). So why not make their bed as comfy as can be with some irresistibly soft organic cotton bedding?

We particularly love this fun and colourful Jamboree Organic Sweet Dreams Single Bed Duvet Set from Little Green Radicals. Made from GOTS organic cotton, this beautiful set is soft, breathable and free from any harsh chemicals, making it super gentle on young delicate skin. 

What’s more, all products from Little Green Radical come in 100% compostable bags, and are sent out in fully recyclable packaging, made from recycled paper - hooray!

organic kids duvet set

Got any more great organic swap ideas? Check out our latest instagram post here and tell us your suggestions in the comments!

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