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sustainable goals

We are super excited to let you know that we have teamed up with Buy 1 Give 1
We are setting up sustainable goals that can be achieved with your support and our hard work behind the scenes!

Our first project will be focussing on Life on Land where we will be supporting tree planting in areas such as Indonesia to help with deforestation and in India where a lot of our organic cotton is sourced and products created. There are multiple social campaigns based in India that will be our next focus so we can give a little back to the areas where our ideas are turned into clothes to put on your little ones backs. 

For every 4 orders placed in July we will be planting a tree In Indonesia via Buy 1 Give 1:

Plant a tree at our reforestation site, and it will pay back two-fold. At our health care clinic, people can barter with diverse seedling species to cover their care. Your gift will not only plant and take care of the tree, it will cover the cost of providing care to those who care for the forest.

The Project is managed by : Health In Harmony


For every 4 orders placed in August we will be planting a tree In India via Buy 1 Give 1:

Help plant one vegetable or fruit tree that provides food of nutritional value in a rural area by financing the purchase of a sapling, compost and a tree guard. It is necessary and important that pregnant women, who suffer from more health problems due to low education and poor socioeconomic conditions, and their unborn children living in rural areas, have access to nutritious food to lower the incidence of infant and adult mortality rate, as well as to birth a healthy child to society. 

The Project is managed by : Punaruthan Voluntary Organisation

Watch this space for more news on how we will be tying our sustainability goals in with our Friends Club loyalty program, so if you have not signed up we recommend you do so right here right now

Thank you from all the team at Lucy & Sam x